Our hospital was originally established under the name ‘Sumit Hospital’ in the year 2007, in the city of Rewa . Later its name was changed to ‘Sumit Hospital’. Ever since our establishment , inclination of our working culture has always been towards egalitarianising the healthcare services . This recent wave of ‘corporate culture’ has victimised the lower and the middle income group who now find it difficult to afford health services and are consequently forced to prioritize money over health! Hence we work to our fullest potential so as to ensure that this money factor does not stifle their healthy living .For us , unlike other corporate institutions where only money is the string between them and their consumers , patients‘ faith and that love which makes them choose us , as well as our dedication towards serving them , are the main determinants of our relation with our patients. .


We Are The Best

Our hospital is continuously evolving to meet today’s ever changing healthcare needs. Keeping pace with these rapid changes, we have initiated a venture of conceptualizing this site.

This Is a Call to Action.We at Sumit Hospital ensure our patients and their care-givers avail top of the line services related to medical care and hospitality. We achieve this by assigning a coordinator for all our patients. The coordinator will be the single point of contact from your first query till after you are discharged.

Features of Sumit Hospital

  • Opd & ipd
  • General & Private Ward
  • ICU & NICU
  • General & Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Uro Surgery
  • Normal & Caesarean Delivery
  • x-ray & ECG
  • Computerized Pathology
  • Insurance and Cashless Service